Life Coaching for a Mobile Generation.



Protecting Time® offers life coaching for a mobile generation, with unique electronically delivered programs for individual achievement, relationship building, developing a healthy lifestyle and time management. Each program incorporates an individual live coaching component as well.

Protecting Time® programs are affordable and effective. Through the use of unique learning techniques, our participants retain and act on 62% to 85% of the program's content. Contrast this with only 2% of the content retained following a seminar or lecture, and you can see why these programs deliver what other companies can only promise.

A lot of training companies throw large amounts of material at you in the hope that something will 'stick.' Our process is a far more targeted approach, because we value your time and our energy.

There are two parts to our programs: A Segment .pdf, and an accompanying audio file that can be downloaded or streamed. In all, there are four Segment files with action exercises. Listen to each Segment audio file once a day for five or six days in a row before moving on to the next Segment. Daily listening helps integrate a vital learning technique called "spaced repetition."

Brevity is our hallmark; listening to a Segment takes less than ten minutes. You can listen anytime when your hands are busy but your mind is not ... while you are dressing, during your commute or even while you eat. We don't try to impress you with how much we know, as most coaches and consultants will do. Instead, our programs work to help you change the thoughts you have, the attitudes you form, the actions you take, and the results you achieve.

*All information gathered on this site is private and confidential. We take your privacy very seriously and never share or sell your information to third parties or other companies.