Strategic Analysis: It's the Business.

Organizational Strategic Analysis isn't a new innovation, but the way Protecting Time® does it is something else!

Brevity is a Protecting Time® hallmark, and we've applied brevity to the strategic analysis process. The result: True organizational consensus and strategy developed by your own team rather than by a consultant. Best of all, because your employees help create direction, they buy into your mission, your cause, your crusade. The productivity bonus that results can literally send business skyrocketing.

Protecting Time® isn't in the business of killing trees. So, we send participants an Organizational Strategic Analysis e-workbook. We've turned questions into measurement dynamics, so your employees can provide their feedback quickly and easily with a minimum of time required. Then, we manage the entire analysis process – with your entire team in the room – in less than a workday. This unique and simple approach is a game-changer for businesses trying to find their competitive edge.

Former General Motors VP Darwin Clark called our Organizational Strategic Analysis "the best organizational facilitation I've ever seen." If you don't share Darwin's enthusiasm at the conclusion of the process, the OSA is on us. This sort of results-oriented guarantee is unique in the training and development industry.

You can't go from where you are to where you want to go without changing the way you and your team members think, act, and approach the enterprise. OSA does that in less than a day. The result: A positive, dynamic "best thinking" experience that lasts for years.

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